Remembering Edie Windsor



It is with deepest sadness and most profound gratitude we mark the passing of Edie Windsor. The effervescent joy she exuded in her commitment to the LGBTQ community, and especially our youth, was plainly visible, and a beacon for all those around her. Few in our times have emanated such ebullient resilience and commitment to progress and social justice. Above and beyond what she did for marriage equality, she was clear and distinct in her commitment to LGBTQ youth, a marginalized and vulnerable population our society far too often neglects and overlooks. More than once she took the time to meet with our youth and our donors to affirm her commitment to making a better future for all of us. The role model she will always be, for our youth and for all of us, is more than iconic. It is heroic. It is legendary. It is an unforgettable little lady with a HUGE heart. Her bravery and memory will live forever in the hearts of the many whose lives she changed; forever a symbol of hope and the power of self-advocacy, for our youth and generations to come.


The memorial service for Edie Windsor will be at Temple Emanuel (1 East 65th Street, NYC) at 12:30pm Friday Sept 15th, 2017.