HMI Supports LGBTQ Youth and Condemns Violence

July 26th 2017:

“Protecting the rights of trans members of our community, especially the right to make choices about one’s future, is central to HMI’s mission of creating a safer society – that nurtures self-empowerment and provides equal access to pathways for success – for all its’ citizens. LGBTQ youth deserve a government that not only protects, but encourages, all people to pursue careers of their choice and authentic lives in every capacity.”

– HMI CEO, Thomas Krever

Join Us Tonight to Support!


(July 13,2017) As we prepare to celebrate Pride in Newark, in recognition of the stark disparities, violence and discrimination faced by trans- youth of color in Newark and everywhere, Hetrick-Martin Institute New Jersey is honored to join Mayor Baraka for a solemn moment of recognition at Newark’s Pride flag raising ceremony on Thursday July 13th. As a resource for LGBTQ youth in Newark, HMI:NJ hopes to work in collaboration to further build infrastructure, resources, tolerance and systems of support and safety for LGBTQ youth throughout the Garden State. The recent rise in violent acts towards trans- people is a painful reminder of the need for communities to be vigilant in protecting and supporting marginalized and otherwise underserved, underrepresented, and targeted populations, particularly LGBTQ youth of color.

HMI: NJ stands committed to providing safe spaces to LGBTQ youth and young adults in the city of Newark. HMI: NJ is open Monday-Friday 10am-7pm; social workers are always available to provide support in any form. HMI: NJ will continue to work with the City of Newark, and all of its entities and institutions, to ensure that LGBTQ youth and young adults consistently have access to safe spaces.

– Dr. Ashawnda Fleming, Executive Director of HMI: NJ & Thomas Krever, CEO of HMI