Volunteer & Community Engagement Opportunities


Your professional and personal experience can help enrich the lives of LGBTQ youth. HMI encourages individuals and corporate groups to volunteer and help fulfill our mission.

All volunteer opportunities give both volunteers and youth a unique opportunity to engage with and learn from each other.  These experiences are rewarding for all while providing opportunities to inspire and broaden the horizons of HMI’s LGBTQ youth community.

Selected list of volunteer opportunities:

Job Readiness:  Connect your place of employment to HMI.  Contact Ritti to schedule a job readiness workshop for our young people at your office.   We will tailor a workshop to best fit your place of employment and engage up to 8 employees.

Community Dinner:  Assist HMI staff in serving dinner to our youth community.  1 – 3 people can sign up to serve dinner one time or on a reoccurring basis.  Dinner service is 4:45 – 6pm.

Peace Portal:  1 Day a week commitment.  4-6pm or 6-7:15pm Monday – Friday.  Volunteers monitor and assist in our youth services resource center.  Young people access this space to work on a computer, create a resume or to seek homework help.

Tutors: 1-2 Day a week commitment.  4 or 5:30-7:15pm Monday – Friday.  Volunteers assist youth by tutoring in the areas of Math, American Sign Language and SAT prep.

Lend Your Professional Skills: HMI is always interested in learning what you are good at to see if there is a fit.  Volunteers assist in all levels of the organization: Graphic Design, Finance, Fundraising, IT, Staff Development, Photography, and Videography are just some examples.

Event, Program or Development Committees:  Individuals can join one of our event or professional committees and assist in event planning, fundraising and strategy.

Special Events:  Individuals can opt onto our Special Event list.  HMI will e-mail this list with one-time opportunities and volunteers can sign up for the opportunities that work in their schedule.  Opportunities include youth events, fundraising events and more.

CONNECT YOUR COMPANY:  We want you to be an HMI champion wherever you are.  One way to affect great change is to connect your company to HMI for possible Volunteer Projects, Matching Gifts, Event Sponsorship or Grants.