The Center for LGBTQ Youth Advocacy and Capacity Building, advocates on behalf of LGBTQ youth by influencing policy on local, national and international levels, while helping to build the capacity of decision-makers, individuals and institutions that serve this marginalized population.


Our center is dedicated to sharing best practices for working with LGBTQ youth in all aspects of their life and addressing the disparities in services available to them.

At the same time, HMI creates forums for young people to be heard – giving voice to their personal stories and providing opportunities to become active participants in the systems that directly impact them.

Through this Center, HMI extends its decades of leadership in this field so that HMI’s experiences may serve as models and be replicated for those in need. These areas include:

  • Establishing safer schools, prevent bullying and victimization.
  • Developing more effective policies targeting the health and wellness of our young people.
  • Promoting increased funding opportunities that better address the needs of LGBTQ youth.
  • Creating effective programs and services that address the needs of LGBTQ youth.
  • Providing health and wellness programs geared toward LGBTQ youth, including HIV testing.

For more information or  for a list of our current training offerings, contact Lillian Rivera, Director of Advocacy and Capacity Building,

To learn more about HMI's New York State AIDS Institute Center of Expertise designation on Sexual Health and Gender Identity, click here.

Blog posted on the U.S. Department of Human & Health Services' website, click here.


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