It only costs $2,500 to support one youth for an entire year. That's only $10 a day!

Each $2,500 you give will support one at-risk young person for one year of Hetrick-Martin services to help them stay in school, avoid HIV, find housing, learn skills for the workplace, prep for college and be sure they have a hot meal for dinner. That’s five days a week, most weeks, all year long, even when school is out for summer and holiday vacations. 

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Do the Math:

  • $10 – One Day
  • $50 – One Week
  • $200 – One Month
  • $2,500- One Year


Benefits Include:

  • Special Invitations to general Hetrick-Martin Events
  • Acknowledgement in Hetrick-Martin Website, Newsletters, and Events
  • Exclusive Invitations to Mentors Circle events plus:
    • $2,500 – One ticket to the Emery Awards Dinner
    • $5,000 – Two Tickets to the Emery Awards Dinner
    • $10,000 – Two Tickets to School’s Out or Fall Fest Events and Two Tickets to the Emery Awards Dinner
    • $15,000 – Four Tickets to School’s Out or Fall Fest and Two Tickets to the Emery Awards Dinner
    • $25,000 – Six Tickets to School’s Out or Fall Fest Events and Two Tickets to the Emery Awards Dinner
    • $50,000 – Six Tickets to School’s Out or Fall Fest Events and VIP Table at the Emery Awards Dinner


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If you have any questions please contact Chandler Bazemore, Senior Director, Development at, or call 212-674-2600 ext. 257.


*A donation to HMI not only supports our important work to create safe and supportive environments for LGBTQ youth, it also sends a clear and strong message to the young people of HMI that they are loved and valued. General donations to HMI are fully tax-deductible under the law. Don’t forget to submit a Matching Gift Form to your employer to double the impact of your gift. THANK YOU!

Ways To Help


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- Scholarship Program

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- Donate Clothes
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- Planned Giving

- Alumni

- Volunteer

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Joining at the 2013 Emery Awards Cocktail Reception, Tina and Kim are new Mentors Circle members. Being attorneys with The Legal Aid Society, they have witnessed far too many clients suffering discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender non-conformity that they had to get involved.

What inspires you about HMI’s work with at-risk LGBTQ youth?
"In the grand scheme of our lives, our sexual orientation has been overwhelmingly affirmed by our families and friends.  They root for us as a couple every day, and we are able to be comfortable in so many environments because of their support.  So the fact that HMI can provide that same level of comfort, affirmation and support to youth who may not be able to find it outside of the HMI family is wonderful to witness." 

Why did you join the Mentors Circle?
"Earning public interest salaries for many years did not always provide us the opportunity to financially give back to our community.  With personal success and gaining some financial wiggle room, we felt giving to this fantastic LGBTQ youth organization was the right step to help ensure the future of our community and family of choice. 
We have no doubt this generation of LGBTQ youth will break barriers we have only dreamed of, and we can only hope our contribution assists them on their journey." 

If you could share words of encouragement to our young people what would they be?
"Don't stop participating in a community that brings you love and healthy affirmation, whether it's HMI or another.  We live in Red Hook, Brooklyn and recently watched our community suffer great loss as a result of Hurricane Sandy.  At the same time, we witnessed a community bonding and a sense of survival that forever will touch and enrich our lives as a couple and as individuals."