"I ran away from home, and my Hetrick-Martin counselor was the best thing that ever happened to me,” says Harvey Milk High School graduate Tenaja. “Now I’m working at a child-care agency while a junior at York College.” Tenaja's Story


“I never had any gay role models,” says Mentors Circle founding member and volunteer Joan Katz, “and I know how important role models are.” Joan's Story



“The young people who come to us typically arrive at a moment of crisis. We ask of each one, ‘What can we do to best serve this individual, right here, right now?’ Our counselors understand the importance of working with each person at that particular place and crucial moment in time.” Matt's Story


"We remain committed to providing life-saving programs, services, and support to the thousands of LGBTQ-identified young people." Thomas's Story 


At 15 I was fighting back. Now I want to go to college for journalism, to help people see the beauty and happiness in others.” Shar's Story


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