Programs and Services

Supportive Services

Monday - Friday, 3:15 PM - 7:15 PM  &  SATURDAY, 12 PM - 4 PM

Counseling - HMI offers individual counseling for youth in need of support around mental health and substance use issues. The Supportive Services Department also offers family counseling, couples counseling, and a variety of support groups throughout the year. Counseling needs can be issues with depression, anxiety, substance or alcohol use, relationships, family issues, safer-sex questions, coming out, gender identity concerns, housing, medical issues, or anything one might want support with in a safe and confidential environment. Metrocards are provided.

HMI members can request a referral for weekly counseling with one of our licensed social workers, or access on-call counseling during program hours to meet with a counselor, go to the pantry, and get referrals for other LGBTQ-affirmative services. For more information, contact Matt Rofofsky.

Pantry and Dinner - HMI members have access to clothes, shoes, snacks, laundry, and showers in our pantry. A nutritious, homemade dinner is also provided every night at 6pm in ourcafe. Keep your eyes open for holiday celebrations and special events! Access the pantry by signing up with a Counselor On-Call at the front desk between the hours of 3:35-7:15pm.

Housing & Health Services - HMI provides services to homeless and marginally housed LGBTQ youth ages 13-24 years old. We offer short-term supportive counseling and advocate for youth to gain access to housing, health care, mental health care, benefits, entitlements, legal services, and other resources. We assist youth in accessing HMI's youth services, including pantry services (showers, laundry, clothing, emergency snacks and toiletries) and hot meals every weeknight. We also offer on-site HIV testing. Additionally, Housing and Health Services staff engage youth through street-based outreach to help connect them to HMI's array of services, as well as to share resources and provide crisis intervention. Our goal is to provide a safe space for homeless and marginally housed youth to seek support and feel at home within the LGBTQ community. For more information, contact Sassafras Lowrey.

Youth Services

Monday - friday, 3:15 PM - 7:15 PM  &  SATURDAY 12 PM - 4 PM

(Check out the Youth Calendar for more details)

Arts and Culture - Exploring the visual, creative, and performing arts—through video filming, editing, and production, photography, a drama group or master classes in dance, movement, voice, and music, or an arts internship —and cultural celebrations helps you explore your own identity, and build relationships.

Health and Wellness - Delicious free meals provided every weekday at Café HMI are just one part of our Health and Wellness programs. Learn how to eat well, fight stress, get information on physical and mental health issues that affect LGBTQ youth, learn more about STDs, HIV, and AIDS—from prevention to testing to living with being HIV-positive—and participate in peer-to-peer groups, as well as trainings in schools and other community-based organizations. HIV, STD and pregnancy testing are available on-site. Our Health and Wellness internships prepare youth with skills to protect themselves and build self-esteem.

Job Readiness and Career Exploration - Want to know what to do with your life? Hetrick-Martin’s programs can help you find the answers—from LGBTQ-focused career fairs to learning job skills to writing a résumé to learning how to ace a job interview. We also assist with on-site internships, off-site externships, job placement, and career counseling.

Academic Enrichment - Our education programs open doors to opportunity through tutoring, media and art classes, computer training, desktop publishing, games, creative writing, college prep (plus workshops for families on college admissions and financial aid), scholarships, internships, performance art, book clubs, film clubs, and much more. Tutoring (Regents, SATs, GED, CUNY Assessments & academic subjects) is free and available in Peace Portal, Monday-Friday, 4-7pm. College Counselling includes individual meetings for college advising, an annual LGBTQ friendly college fair every April, an HMI scholarship program and many other helpful services. For information on tutoring, College Prep services and general Academic Enrichment inquires, contact Orville Bell.

HMI can help you get your High School Equivalency Diploma through our comprehensive HSE Prep Program. Our HSE program (formerly GED) encourages self-reflection and self-discipline while assisting youth in redefining the meanings of success and failure. At HMI, it's not simply just about passing the High School Equivalency exam, it's about planning for what comes next and supporting you in all areas of your life. Classes are 3 hours each, with one brief break to get dinner. Classes run Monday-Friday, with different schedules for different academic levels. Classes cover academic subject matter - math, grammar, essay writing, reading strategies, science topics, and social studies. There is ongoing enrollment and a waiting list that is determined by diagnostic test scores. For more information, please contact Carrie Kline.

For more information on Youth Services, please contact Bridget Hughes, Director of Youth Services at 212-674-2400 x 242.

The Hetrick-Martin Institute cannot accept electronic information from users under the age of 13. For more information please read our privacy policy.

Additional Individual Services

KNOW YOUR STATUS! Free & Confidential on-site HIV Testing - Offered Monday-Friday, 3:35-7pm. For more information, contact Mickey Ramos.

Project STAY STI Testing - Free & Confidential - See Calendar for schedule.

Medicaid Enrollment: Need health insurance? Come sign up for Medicaid on-site every Monday.

Urban Justice Legal Clinic: Provides free legal consultation services to young people. You can sign up with Sassafras Lowrey.




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