Our Staff

Our  staff members are  the pride of Hetrick-Martin. Their professionalism, dedication, cultural competency, and, most importantly, their compassion, are unsurpassed.

Chief Executive Officer—Thomas Krever (tkrever@hmi.org)
Executive Assistant—Brian Dauth (bdauth@hmi.org)

Chief Operating Officer—Darra Gordon
Director, Institutional Giving—Joe Miloscia (jmiloscia@hmi.org )
Director, PR & Communications—Bryan Pacheco (bpacheco@hmi.org)
Director, Special Events—Abby Peck(apeck@hmi.org)

Associate Director, Development
Chandler Bazemore (cbazemore@hmi.org)
Director, Volunteer and Alumni Services—E. Seton Davey (sdavey@hmi.org)
Interim Development Associate—Laurence Johnson (ljohnson@hmi.org)

Senior Director, Safety and Facilities—Margarita López
Kitchen Coordinator—Julio O. Cruz (jcruz@hmi.org)
Maintenance Coordinator—Sarai Montes (smontes@hmi.org)

Director, Information Technology—Marina Seleznyov (mseleznyov@hmi.org)

Director, Advocacy and Capacity Building—Lillian Rivera (
Data Entry Assistant—Mireya Gonzalez (mgonzalez@hmi.org)

Assistant Director, Data & Quality AssuranceTommy Bricco (tbricco@hmi.org)

Data Coordinator—Petra Olivo (polivo@hmi.org)
Accountability Specialist—Darlene Dominguez (dfrancis@hmi.org)

Assistant Director, Training
Pharon Ford (pford@hmi.org)
Coordinator, New Media & Online Communication—Kiyan Williams (kwilliams@hmi.org)

Director, Youth Services—Bridget Hughes (
Administrative Coordinator, Programs— Bertha Ramos(bramos@hmi.org)
Coordinator, Community Outreach & Engagement—August Stadnik (astadnik@hmi.org)

Director, After-School and Education Services—Orville Bell
Case Manager, GED— Carrie Kline (ckline@hmi.org)
Case Manager, HSE-LEAP— J Wangel (jwangel@hmi.org)
Educational Specialist, College Prep— Christopher Griffin(cgriffin@hmi.org)
Educational Specialist, High School Equivalency — Charles Crespo (ccrespo@hmi.org)
Program Assistant—Aida Vazquez (avazquez@hmi.org

Assistant Director, Arts and CultureErica Cardwell(ecardwell@hmi.org)
Art Instructor— Robin Snow (rsnow@hmi.org)
Dance Instructor— Mariano Martinez (mmartinez@hmi.org)
Digital Photography Instructor— Samantha Box (sbox@hmi.org)

Assistant Director, Health & Wellness— Lazara Paz-Gonzalez(lpazgonzalez@hmi.org)
Educational Specialist, MPowerment— Jermaine Ellis (jellis@hmi.org)
Educational Specialist, Street Smart— Wendy Ledesma (wledesma@hmi.org)
Program Coordinator, Pregnancy Prevention—Bryson Rose (brose@hmi.org)
Educational Specialist, Pregnancy Prevention—Sacred Walker (swalker@hmi.org

Coordinator, Job ReadinessDerrick Holloway (dholloway@hmi.org

Director, Clinical and Counseling Services—Matthew Rofofsky
Educational Specialist, Transgender Programming— Octavia Lewis (olewis@hmi.org)
Senior Supervising Counselor—Anupama Kalyanam (akalyanam@hmi.org)
Supervising Counselor—Allison Berwald (aberwald@hmi.org)

Supervising Counselor—Aruna Krishnakumar (akrishnakumar@hmi.org)

Director, Homeless Youth Services and Member Navigation—Sassafras Lowrey (slowrey@hmi.org)
Coordinator, Homeless Youth Services—Kipper Sanchez (ksanchez@hmi.org)
Housing Counselor—Eric Peterson (epeterson@hmi.org)
Pantry Coordinator—Annalee Fannan (afannan@hmi.org)

Executive Director, Newark—Ashawnda Fleming (afleming@hmi.org)
Site Supervisor, Newark— Juan Williams
Counselor, Newark—Diana Facundo (dfacundo@hmi.org)

Chief Financial Officer—Ghassan Khalil
Director, Grants & Fiscal Administration—Eulises Román, Jr.(eroman@hmi.org)
Senior Accountant—Zin Min Soe(zsoe@hmi.org) 
Junior Accountant—Richard White(rwhite@hmi.org

Director, Human Resources—Vikki Basilico Covarrubias (vbasilico@hmi.org)

Have Questions? Contact us.
Pantry Services and donations—Matthew Rofofsky (mrofofsky@hmi.org)
PR and Communications— (info@hmi.org)
Programs—Bridget Hughes (bhughes@hmi.org)
Harvey Milk High School information—Orville Bell (obell@hmi.org)

For all other questions, email info@hmi.org.


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Matthew Rofofsky 
Dir. Supportive Services “The young people who come to us typically arrive at a moment of crisis. We ask of each one, ‘What can we do to best serve this individual, right here, right now?’ Our counselors understand the importance of working with each person at that particular place and crucial moment in time.”
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