Our Staff

Our staff members are  the pride of Hetrick-Martin. Their professionalism, dedication, cultural competency, and, most importantly, their compassion, are unsurpassed.

Chief Executive Officer—Thomas Krever (tkrever@hmi.org)

Chief of Staff—Brian Dauth (bdauth@hmi.org)
Administrative Assistant—Olga El (oel@hmi.org)
Project Manager, HMI-Is-Citywide—Esther Cassidy (ecassidy@hmi.org)

Chief Operating Officer—Darra Gordon

Senior Director, DevelopmentBarbara Davis (bdavis@hmi.org)
Development Associate —Chap James Day (cday@hmi.org)

Director, Special Events—Michael Snider(msnider@hmi.org)
Manager, Special Events —Crystal Butler (cbutler@hmi.orgDirector, Communications & Public Relations—Ross Schwartz (rschwartz@hmi.org
Coordinator, Digital Media and Online Communications—Michelle Chasteen (mchasteen@hmi.org)
Senior Director, Safety & Facilities—Margarita López(mlopez@hmi.org
Manager, Facilities & Safety—Sarai Montes (smontes@hmi.org)
Kitchen Coordinator—Julio O. Cruz (jcruz@hmi.org
Part-Time Receptionist—Sonia Dilone (sdilone@hmi.org)

Director, Information Technology—Jesse Buggs (jbuggs@hmi.org
Information Technology Assistant—Sadie James (sjames@hmi.org )

Director, Advocacy & Capacity Building—Lillian Rivera (
Assistant Director, Training—Bryson Rose (brose@hmi.org)
Training Specialist—Adaku Utah (autah@hmi.org)
Research Assistant—Kemar Jewel (kjewel@hmi.org)

Assistant Director, Data & Quality AssuranceTommy Bricco (tbricco@hmi.org)

Data Coordinator—Petra Olivo (polivo@hmi.org)
Accountability Specialist—Darlene Dominguez (dfrancis@hmi.org)
Data Entry Assistant—Aida Vazquez (avazquez@hmi.org)

Director, Youth Services—Bridget Hughes (
Administrative Assistant, Programs— Chery Falcon (cfalcon@hmi.org)
Coordinator, Community Outreach & Client Engagement—
Jermaine Ellis(jellis@hmi.org)
Program Coordinator, LGBTQ Youth Leadership Program —Kimmie Armstrong (karmstrong@hmi.org

Director, Academic Enrichment—Juan Williams (jwilliams@hmi.org)  
Educational Specialist, High School Equivalency — Charles Crespo (ccrespo@hmi.org)
Educational Specialist, High School Equivalency — Will Shepard (wshepard@hmi.org)  
Saturday Program Assistant—Aida Vazquez (avazquez@hmi.org
School Social Worker— J Wangel (jwangel@hmi.org)
Case Manager, High School Equivalency — Jackson Katz (jkatz@hmi.org )
Program Coordinator, College Prep— Christopher Griffin(cgriffin@hmi.org)
Program Manager, Employment & TrainingDerrick Holloway
Educational Specialist, Transgender Employment Project— Monique Matthews (mmatthews@hmi.org)


Assistant Director, Arts & Culture - Jules Joseph (jjoseph@hmi.org)
Dance Instructor— Mariano Martinez (mmartinez@hmi.org)
Digital Photography Instructor— Samantha Box (sbox@hmi.org)
Teaching Artist, Visual Arts— Leesa Tabrizi (ltabrizi@hmi.org)
Teaching Artist, Visual Arts— Diego Lopez (dlopez@hmi.org)
Teaching Artist, Visual Arts & Music Conception— Don Christian (dchristian@hmi.org)

Assistant Director, Health & Wellness— Lazara Paz-Gonzalez(lpazgonzalez@hmi.org)
Educational Specialist, HIV Prevention Services—Tony Enos (tenos@hmi.org)
Educational Specialist, HIV Programming— Mickey Ramos (mramos@hmi.org)
Educational Specialist, Peer Education— Tracee Brown (tbrown@hmi.org)
Educational Specialist, Sexual Health— Julianne Rocco (jrocco@hmi.org)
Educational Specialist, Transgender Programming—Taliyah Robinson (trobinson@hmi.org)
Educational Specialist, Youth Health Advocates—Andre Cunningham-Bullock (acunningham@hmi.org)
Program Coordinator, CAPP—Julia Stern (jstern@hmi.org)
Program Coordinator, EtE Services—Toan Nguyen (tnguyen@hmi.org)

Program Manager, Health & Wellness—Ricky Love (rlove@hmi.org)
Case Manager, Academic Advisement — Charles Parker (cparker@hmi.org)
Teaching Artist, Kiki— Kemar Jewel (kjewel@hmi.org)
Saturday Program Assistant—Darlene Dominguez (dfrancis@hmi.org

Director, Clinical & Counseling Services—Matthew Rofofsky
Clinical Coordinator—Anupama Kalyanam (akalyanam@hmi.org)
Senior Supervising Counselor—Allison Berwald (aberwald@hmi.org)
Senior Supervising Counselor—Aruna Krishnakumar (akrishnakumar@hmi.org)
Licensed Counselor—Marcus Phillips (mphillips@hmi.org)
Counselor, Creative Art Therapies & Age-Out Coordinator— Glenn Smulyan (gsmulyan@hmi.org)

Director, Homeless Youth Services & Member Navigation—Sassafras Lowrey
Housing Counselor—Eric Peterson (epeterson@hmi.org)
Member Navigator——Mireya Gonzalez (mgonzales@hmi.org)  
Pantry Coordinator—Annalee Fannan (afannan@hmi.org)
Coordinator, Homeless Youth Services—Kipper Sanchez (ksanchez@hmi.org
Educational Specialist, Outreach, Citywide—My Aguirre (maguirre@hmi.org)
Educational Specialist, Outreach, Citywide—Reina Onorato (ronorato@hmi.org)
Senior Outreach Specialist—Socorro Hernandez (shernandez@hmi.org

Executive Director, New Jersey—Ashawnda Fleming (afleming@hmi.org)
Program Coordinator, New Jersey—Dinean Robinson (drobinson@hmi.org

Coordinator, Health and Wellness —Johann Larkin (jlarkin@hmi.org)
Counselor—Joya Thompson (jthompson@hmi.org)

Chief Financial Officer—Ghassan Khalil
Director, Grants & Fiscal Administration—Eulises Román, Jr.(eroman@hmi.org)
Senior Accountant—Zin Min Soe(zsoe@hmi.org) 
Junior Accountant—Richard White(rwhite@hmi.org

Senior Director, Human Resources—Vikki Basilico Covarrubias (vbasilico@hmi.org)
Director, Volunteer & Alumni Services—E. Seton Davey (sdavey@hmi.org)
Human Resources & Volunteer Program Assistant—Ritti Thampan (rthampan@hmi.org)

Have Questions? Contact Us.
Pantry Services and donations—Matthew Rofofsky (mrofofsky@hmi.org)
PR and Communications— (info@hmi.org)
Programs—Bridget Hughes (bhughes@hmi.org)
Harvey Milk High School information—Juan Williams (jwilliams@hmi.org)

For all other questions, email info@hmi.org.

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