Numbers say a lot about the effect Hetrick-Martin Institute has on the lives of our youth — the thousands of meals served, the hundreds who participate in HIV-prevention programs, job-readiness training, and academic support and the thousands of leaders trained around the world through our Center for LGBTQ Youth Advocacy & Capacity Building

  • Annually more than 2,000 youth participate in HMI Programs.
  • 300 youth participate annually in Arts and Culture programming.
  • Close to 100% of HMI youth take part in our innovative Health and Wellness Program, including HIV-prevention.
  • 8,000 hot meals were served last year.
  • HMI: New Jersey assisted 70% of graduating highschool seniors in getting into college
  • Nearly 1,500 people trained, including leaders from Russia, Slovenia, Mexico, Brazil and beyond.
  • 90% of HMI youth pass the HSE exam on their first try (compared to the 45% rate for NYC)

But When Youth Tell Their Own Stories, It Speaks Volumes:

  • "I learned how to be open-minded and how to interact with different communities. I've become a stronger individual." — DeShaun, Youth Member
  • "I am writing this letter from SUNY Purchase, where I am now a second year Women's Studies major. I am often asked what life was like at Hetrick-Martin, and I say, 'Picture the most supportive and caring place, throw in the most unique and wholly selfless people, with the most courageous kids.' [Hetrick-Martin] helped me find a place to live; they helped me find a better way to live."Yours in Solidarity and Gratitude, Arthur
  • "I can honestly say that without the Harvey Milk School, I would not have gotten my high school diploma, and I might very well never have dealt with my own sexual identity. Since HMS, I have graduated from Sarah Lawrence College and done HIV prevention work with gay and lesbian youth. Now, I am finishing my first semester of law school at the University of Pennsylvania." Thank you, David
  • "Talking with the Hetrick-Martin staff people was the first time I felt comfortable about my sexuality and myself. I call this moment the opening of my closet, coming out to myself. I now work for The Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center of Orange County, California, coordinating a drop-in center targeting at-risk youth. Knowing I could be the first person who makes a youth feel comfortable about their sexuality or gender identity is what makes my job worthwhile. Thank you for everything you have done for me." Sincerely, Rick B.

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