Hetrick-Martin wishes to acknowledge our generous donors who have contributed $2,500 or more. 

This is a distinguished group of our most invested stakeholders. As a Major Donor, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you have made a difference for some of New York City's and the nation's most vulnerable youth by giving them an opportunity of a lifetime.

[as of October 2014]


Glenn Pushelberg & George Yabu*


$50,000 to $99,999

Jane Gilbert*


$20,000 to $49,999

Walter M. Cain & Paulo Ribiero*

Fredric Gershon

Ray Hägg*

Mark Henderson & Bruce A. Wolfe

The Kors Le Pere Foundation*

Laura Levenstein*

Alfredo Paredes & Brad Goldfarb*


$10,000 to $19,999


Karim Abay & Todd Harvey*

Chris & Michelle Chan*

Hardy Chan*

Mary Eaton

Ross Hamachek

John Heist & Michael Neumann*

Even Hurwitz*

Tom Keller*

Thomas Krever*

Malcolm James Kutner*
Barry Lowenthal

Peter Lyons & Michael Finkenbine

Charles J. O'Byrne*

Wes Powell & Michael Rourke*

Pierre Rougier*

Bill Schwinghammer & Tony Long*

Frank Selvaggi

Ronald K. Simons*

Robert Smith & Rod Grozier

Frederick Spaulding

Lizzie & Jonathan Tisch

Peter Wilson & Scott Sanders

Yuri Yoshizawa & Donna Passarelli


$5,000 to $9,999

Caren Asher

David Beitzel & Darren Walker*

Andy Bell & David Stephen Moss*

Daryl Bowman

John Calcagno

Rosemarie Cappabianca & Mary Anne Greene*

Ying Chen

John Clark

Joe Devito & Frank Tansey

Jamie Drake

Stephen Earle & Mitchel Gross

Charles Fagan

Alex Fluker & Frank Destra

Miranda Forster & Vanessa Selbst*

Andrew Goffe & Jeff Levin*

Bobby Graham

Arnold Grossman*

Frank Guzetta & Paul Manville

Jake Hakanson*

Robert Hanson & Michael Agins

The Helene Foundation*

Doug Jakubowski & Joseph Conforti

Irene Jamieson

Joan A. Katz

Nathan Laffin*

James LaForce & Stephen Henderson

Dr. Richard K. Lee*

Laurence M. Leive & Manuel Pereiras*

William Li

Andrew Lipman

Michael Lopez*

Matthew Marks*

Meshnick Family Trust

Julianne Moore

Robert Morea

Keneth Nolan

Darren Parslow

Samuel Rosenblatt

Mark Schatzberg

Roni Seiderman

Jeff Spelman and Ivan Lo*

Irwin Srob*

Paul T. Summer & Brian Wong*

Matt Thoennes*

Ted Waitt

Robert Wilson*

Matthew Witten*

John Woell & Fernando Iglesias*

Bari Zahn, Esq.


$2,500 to $4,999

Eric Bacolas

Noble Black*

Marcy Blick

Sandra Brant*

Andrew H. Brimmer & Tom Molner*

Robert Browne*

Laura Burns

Renee Cafiero*

Sabrina Calouri*

Olivier Chavy

Shawn Collins*

Cory Crayn*

John Crocker & Charlie Johnson

Daniel DeMarco

DeAndre J. DeVane*

David Doty*

Kyle Dupre

Stephen Elrod

Joseph Eviatar

Michael Fleischer & Michael Dupree*

Peter Foley & Bill Gaden*

Peter Frank

Lisa Garcia Quiroz

Faith Gay

Darra Gordon & Nicole Minoli

Mark Hammer*

Stephen Hanson*

Steven Holley*

Mark Itkin*

Erik Jackson*

Valery Joseph

Daniel Karslake & Russ Anderson*

Justinian Kfoury*

Annette Kunin

Keith Kyle & Gerald Dupre, Jr.*

Eileen Lancella

Barbara & Andrew Leigh*

Ruth Lipper

Michael Longacre

Justin Luongo & Kim Forte*

Bari J. Mattes

William May

Leslie McGee

Mary McGowan*

Calvin Mitchell*

Brendan Monaghan

Mark Moskowitz & Yuval Hadidi*

Richard Olesko*

Mario Palumbo

Ralph Pellecchio & James Wernz*

Larry Person

Robert Powers*

Anand Ramamoorthy

Slobodan Randjelovic*

Kevin & Elizabeth Ritchie

James Robertson*

Chris Salgardo*

Allison Sarofim

Craig Socia

Mark Stephanz

Catherine Tanelli

Thomas Teeple

Doug Tilden*

Andres Toro & Jeffrey Thorpe*

William Raymond Webb

Arthur Webster*

Greyson Williams*

Andre Wingrove & Maneesh Goyal

Jennifer Woo*


*Mentors Circle Member – The Mentors Circle is a group of committed donors proudly supporting the youth of the Hetrick-Martin Institute at the $2,500 level and above. Each $2,500 given supports one at-risk young person for one year of services to help them in school, avoid HIV, find housing, learn skills for the workplace, prep for college and ensure they have a hot meal for dinner all free of charge. Join the Mentors Circle today!