HMI Services Are Free and Year-Round.  In 2014, HMI began regular weekend programming, opening its doors on Saturdays.


Services include: daily hot meals, homeless services such as clothing, hot showers and laundry; HIV/STI on-site testing, plus HSE & SAT preparation, college scholarships and job readiness.  All designed to help young people reach their full potential.


Positive Youth Development (PYD), harm reduction and trauma-informed care are the theoretical frameworks in which we ground our programming.



Arts and Culture programs foster self-expression through dance, film, photography, painting, theater, and more.


Health and Wellness programs range from hands-on instruction in how to cook healthy meals to learning more about STDs, fighting stress, and preventing HIV.


Academic Enrichment programs help our LGBTQ youth prep for college, get computer training, receive help with homework or prep for the HSE test (among countless activities).


Job Readiness programs assist in building job skills, financial literacy, writing résumés, and landing internships. Major corporations, including AOL, M.A.C Cosmetics, TD Bank and The Huffington Post have led trainings. 



Counseling and Case Management services include individual counseling and many different forms of group counseling. HMI provides comprehensive mental health screenings for youth -many suffering from severe depression and clinical anxiety related to “coming out” and its consequences, including domestic abuse, violence and bullying.


Onsite Pantry assists our young people getting a meal, a MetroCard, clothing or use of shower and laundry facilities.


Café HMI provides many young people with the only hot nutritious meal they receive on a consistent basis. Café HMI is one of the largest meal programs for LGBTQ youth in the nation.


Outreach Homeless Services provides mental health screenings, emergency supplies of food & water and is instrumental in expediting copies of vital records to secure housing, employment or education for homeless youth.

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